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How you can order your cleaning vouchers ?

1) order your cleaning vouchers

- Purchase price of a cleaning voucher is 9 euro for the first 400 cleaning vouchers ordered and 10 euro for the next 100. The cleaning voucher calculators helps you to calculate the amount of your order.
- Pay a multiple of 9 euro or 10 euro per cleaning voucher (according the number of cleaning vouchers you have already ordered this year) on one accounts of your choice of sodexo (you can ask us)
- The minimum order is 10 cleaning vouchers (the number of cleaning vouchers  does not have be a multiple of 10, you can order 11,23, etc. of them).
- All you have to indicate is your user number (a 12-digit number which was given to you when you registered) in acceptance giro forms for your payment. 
- The general rule puts a limit on the purchase of cleaning vouchers : 500 per civil year and per person and to 1000 cleaning vouchers per household. Only certain categories of people may purchase up to 2.000 civil year. 
- your payment reaches us after 2 to 4 days.
warning : your payment will be refused and the amount automatically paid back if your order has not been correctly placed.

2) You will receive your cleaning vouchers

If your ordered paper cleaning vouchers, we will send them through the post within 3 working days after we receive your payment . You will receive them at the delivery adress mentioned in your contact details.
If you ordered electronic cleaning vouchers, we will make them available to you in electronic wallet, as soon as we receive your payment

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