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Terms and conditions for non-recurring services

Terms and conditions for non-recurring

Terms and conditions of the company TM Titres-Services sprl for non-recurring services
Rue Jules Cockx 8–10 à 1160 Auderghem
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Accreditation reference : 02676 • Company number : 0890963608
Article 1
1. By non-recurring service, TM Titres-Services (TMTS) understands that the user may request (only by e-
mail to, one or more services of at least 3 consecutive hours using a service voucher
without this resulting in a regular commitment. This request must be made at least 4 working days before
the desired service date. Beyond this time limit, the user may still make a request for a non-recurring
service; however, TMTS cannot guarantee the presence of a household helper on the desired date.
Furthermore, since all non-recurring services do not lead to regular services, TMTS cannot guarantee the
availability of the same household helper for each service.
 Home cleaning,
 Ironing the linen,
 Occasional sewing jobs,
 Little errands around the house,
 Meal preparation
 Maintenance of the windows of the house, not requiring to climb more than 2 steps.
Caution: washing windows on balconies and terraces can only be done if the feet remain on the
Therefore, the following activities are forbidden :
 Child or pet care,
 Paint jobs,
 All gardening work,
 Maintenance of communal areas (stairwells of apartment buildings, ...),
 Cleaning and car wash,
 Do-it-yourself work,
 Home care, babysitting,
 Collection of animal or human excrement,
 And so on.
For further information about the tasks, whether authorised or not, please contact us by phone on
3. The user agrees to hand over to the household helper :
 In case of paper service vouchers: one service voucher (signed and dated) per hour
worked, on the day of the service.

 In case of electronic service vouchers: the user agrees to confirm the services in his/her
personal space on the Sodexo website within 3 days of the service at the latest.
4. The services are provided from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Our service
providers do not work on weekends and public holidays. For services occurring on a public holiday,
the user can ask TMTS to move the service to another day of the week (depending on the
availability of his usual household helper) or ask for a replacement.
5. If the household helper is unexpectedly hindered, TMTS contacts the user to inform him/her
and offers a replacement, subject to the availability of the service and with the user's agreement.
6. The user shall notify TMTS in writing at least two weeks in advance of any absence, particularly
if the user is going on holiday. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the user shall be
liable for payment of the service.
Article 2
1. The household helper is placed under the authority of TMTS. If the user has a complaint to
make, he should send his e-mail to The user is required to inform TMTS of any
absence of the household helper , whether justified or not, as soon as it occurs.
2. The household helper is insured by TMTS in the event of an accident at work and on the way to
work. The household help is also insured for civil liability for damage caused at the user's home,
under the conditions determined by the insurance company. In the event of a claim, the insurance
company will be the sole judge as to the responsibility of the household helper.
All claims or accidents must be reported by e-mail to within 48 hours to TMTS. If
the claim is accepted, the damage will be repaired taking into account the age of the damaged
good. TM Titres-Services is not criminally or civilly liable for any criminal offences committed by
the household helper.
Article 3 : Terms and conditions of execution
1. The user shall :
 Not require the household helper to do any work that is dangerous, too heavy,
unsuitable or that violates basic rules of hygiene;
 Inform TMTS prior to the service about the presence of animals in the dwelling;
 Ensure that the equipment provided is in good working order and intended for
household use, that detergents are labelled and in sufficient quantity and that a pair
of household gloves is provided;
 Ensure that the work is carried out in conditions suitable from the point of view of
the safety and health of the household helper;
 Pay the flat-rate amount fixed by the regulations in force for all journeys made at
the user's request for personal shopping.

Article 4 : End of the agreement
1. This non-recurring service agreement does not require any notice or compensation.
2. In the event of non-compliance with this agreement by the user, and in particular in the
event of non-delivery of service vouchers within one month of the service, TMTS may ask

the user to pay for the service in "cash".
3. In the event of non-payment on the monthly due date, the user shall also be liable,
automatically and without prior formal notice, to pay conventional interest at the rate of
12% per annum, any calendar month commenced being due in full, as well as a contractual
fixed and irreducible compensation of 15%, with a minimum of € 125.
4. In the event of the termination of the present agreement, for any reason whatsoever, the
user shall refrain from working directly or indirectly with the household helper assigned to
his service for a period of 24 months starting on the date of termination of the agreement.
Any breach of this obligation shall result in the payment of a flat-rate indemnity of EUR
4,900, without prejudice to TMTS being entitled to claim compensation for the actual
5. The agreement between the user and TM Titres-Services is automatically terminated if no
more service vouchers are issued.
6. In the event of disputes arising in connection with the application of this agreement, both
parties undertake to make every effort to find an amicable solution.
7. Any dispute between the parties is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of
Brussels (Justice de Paix of Auderghem).
8.  If there is a camera in the home, the customer must strictly adhere to the regulations regarding the protection of privacy.

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